The property

The property has been owned by the Dei family since 1949 and stretches over around 40 hectares, with chestnut groves, oak woods, crop fields and olive groves. Prior to the renovation that started in 1977, when sharecropping still existed in Italy, the farm was formed of the sharecropper’s house (now Villa Rosa), the stable (which has kept the same name) and the cellars, granaries, hay barn and chicken coop (now Villa Titta).
A succession of families lived there with a sharecropping agreement, according to which they worked the land and looked after the animals and were entitled to keep 63% of production for themselves. The rest went to the Dei family, including Sestilio, the father of Ottavio, who, after he inherited the property, decided to return this familiar and memory-laden place into somewhere that conveyed all the values and love for the land to anyone who came there.
It all started with Ottavio’s desire to keep the memories alive and truly protect them by sharing a love for simple but perfect things with others. That is why you will see him drive to Sambrona early every morning and, while he is watering the lawn, stop to enjoy the enchanting view. He turns and, with the pride shining in his eyes, whispers “Dad, you were right. This is truly a beautiful place …”

A place full of history and traditions

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